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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Frog Medicine

I didn’t know The Frog Blog even had a part two until this morning when a paragraph about Frog Medicine jumped off the page of a book that I was reading and I experienced a strong sense of urgency to share.
FYI: Native Americans use the term “medicine” for anything that brings personal power, strength and understanding.
With gratitude to Jamie Sams and her book Dancing the Dream (p. 93). for the following: “Frog teaches us to cleanse the old through clearing our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. Frog teaches us that shedding tears can be the first step of this cleansing transformation. The purification process represented by Frog Medicine is the ability to cleanse all that keeps us from healing and to refill ourselves with new energy, renewed purpose, and feelings and thoughts that support our intent to change. This two-step process of cleansing the old and refilling with the new will be present in every step that we take toward healing our lives.
Let’s consider the value of shedding cleansing tears. 
The other day a friend and I were sharing our concern for someone whose mother just died. We both wished she could just let go and have a good old cry. Then I remembered when I was afraid I would fall apart if I cried. During that time I thought I needed to be strong, to shore myself up in order to deal with the responsibilities of being a single mom in the business world. Sure, I cried at happy and sad movies, and tears welled up in my eyes when I heard touching stories, but when it came to just letting go and having a good old cry… I was afraid to let go.
A wake-up call occurred as my family and I watched my sweet mother’s unresolved energy remain blocked and metastasize as dis-ease. We all believe that she eventually paid the price with her life.
Crying is not the only way to release stagnant pent up energy and clear the space for healing energy to flood in.
Check out these ideas.
            Since we’re talking about frogs, how about imitating a frog and jumping around? Bet you can’t do it without giggling. We all know laughter is healing.
            Don’t want to imitate a frog? How about a long run or a short jog? Yesterday a man was telling me about being in the depths of distress after his divorce. What did he do? He put on his running shoes, popped his earphones in his ears, tuned in to Pavarotti and ran. In no time at all, the sound of Pavarotti’s voice opened his heart. First tears began to run down his cheeks. Those tears were soon followed by big gulping sobs. He doesn’t remember how long he ran, but he did say he felt like he was running back to himself.
Whatever does the trick!
Remember – Frog Medicine is healing medicine.
Here’s to frogs, good health, releasing that old pent up blocked energy and welcoming in the new. 
Ribbit, ribbit.
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