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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Synchronicities and Mysterious Arms That Support Us

                                                                                Cloud-Speak Personal Oracle card #3, Deck available 2014

This week’s blog features a fascinating series of personal oracles recorded by a schoolteacher and sent to me through my website. She shares how she noticed each one and then goes on to explain what inspired her to embrace those mysterious arms that were supporting her all along.

Here is the schoolteacher’s submission in its entirety.

There are several parts to this sharing. The first is how your book came into my hands. I belong to a book club and often choose not to get the monthly selection, or get it and put it to the side until a time when that book “speaks” to me.  Not so with Everyday Oracles. I immediately ordered it when it was offered.  I began reading it the day it arrived, both highly unusual choices for me.

The next parts are why this book needed to be in my hands now.  I “know” how to listen and how to hear the messages, but for the last many years, daily life has worn me down and I could not consistently stay tuned in.  Having this book come into my hands at this time made reading it highly unlikely.  I am an elementary school teacher and the last weeks of August and the beginning of September are busy and stressful. I have nearly finished the book.  And some very clear experiences have reminded me of how multi-layered our world is.

One morning, when I had just begun the book, I was driving to work trying to quiet the racing squirrel that lives in my brain.  I thought, “I know oracles are everywhere.  I need to just relax and......” and there was the sign....a beautiful brown doe gazing over her shoulder as I breezed by, quiet contemplation reminding me that when life events are important a deer appears for me.  Okay, understood.  I thanked the Universe and went on.

Besides being a busy teacher, my family life has been extremely chaotic and overwhelming with demands and needs. One particularly difficult morning, again, driving, I was thinking of the book.  Usually sky oracles for me had been in form of rainbows or lights shining through the clouds, but this was a very rainy, grey morning and I wondered about cloud messages and there it was....the universe sent me a heart, one that remained there as I traveled, sending me the message of love that I so needed to hear. I finished the drive thanking the Universe.

During these weeks full of demands, I had been ranting at my husband that I needed someone to take care of me. I was taking care of everyone else, expecting him to start stepping up.  After another heated discussion I picked up the book and on p.204 I read, “You have a choice here. You can either open the door to the assistance that is right there.................It is in these moments precisely that you can experience mysterious arms supporting you - if only you are willing to feel them.” There it was, right in your words. Again I spent the morning thanking the Universe for such a clear message.

That same morning, almost as if to make sure I got the message, as I l drove away from the grocery store a sea gull swooped in front of my car, circled sharply and swooped directly in front of me again.  As I wondered what message the sea gull was bringing I sensed the words, “We are here.”  With heartfelt relief I thanked the Universe yet again for sending me such clear and concise messages.

Thank you for putting your words and the stories of so many others in this book to support us in our journey. Thank you for helping me regain my sense of synchronicity. Thank you.

My note to our teacher:
Your experiences along with the gratitude you express along the way is truly inspiring.  Thank you for sharing.

Bestselling author Ann Bolinger-McQuade uses memorable stories and photos to introduce the formula for how personal oracles work, and then teaches you how to recognize and decode yours. If you have experiences to share please submit them to Ann through her interactive website, www.personaloracles.com. Ann will respond personally to all submissions. And while you are on the site, check out the cloud photos in the “What Do You See Section.” Have fun, exercise your psychic muscles. Who knows you may just discover a personal oracle that is hiding in plain sight, just waiting to deliver a special message to you.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Monkey Mind Chatter

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately talking about the pesky monkey mind chatter that can plague us when we receive personal oracle messages. You know how it works. You have a gut feeling that tells you, “Hey, look! Did you notice what just happened? Don’t miss it. The universe is sending you a message.” That’s when the monkey mind jumps in with something like: “Oh come on now, that’s just a coincidence. Nothing more.”           
Or maybe you’ve experienced this one, ”Here you go again imagining things.” That’s our monkey mind working frantically to yank us back into the think-box of conventional reality. Mind chatter is designed to distract and dis-empower us. It blocks out our gut feeling/intuition, at the exact moment our intuition is in the process of doing its best to flag personal oracles for us.

And the struggle is on….

Oh, what to do, what to do?

Restrict that monkey chatter to the part of the brain where it belongs. 

Try this. In your mind’s eye see the image of your brain with both sides visible. Notice the line that divides analytic left-brain from creative/intuitive right-brain. 
As you watch the monkey mind chattering away in your left-brain, begin to move to the right. You have already engaged your right brain creativity, so to silence the chatter just continue to ease your consciousness further on into the right side of your brain. You can have great time practicing this. Then comes the intriguing part. Place your hand on your gut and re-engage your intuition. “Thanks for waiting – now what were you saying?”

Caution: do not engage in a dialogue with the chatter.

Mute the volume, shut the door, gag that monkey!

Or be creative and discover a method that works for you.

Sometimes when all else fails we just need to entrap that noisy monkey, instead of him trapping us. If this happens, remember the image of our monkey screaming behind those bright green bars and toss him a banana!
Today’s heads up personal oracle.
I thought I had completed this blog until I noticed something on the floor. It was a tiny stuffed toy monkey that our animals have been playing with this morning. The monkey is clutching a pink heart in both hands. I’m taking that as a sign there is hope for all of us when it comes to taming our monkey mind chatter!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Frog Medicine

I didn’t know The Frog Blog even had a part two until this morning when a paragraph about Frog Medicine jumped off the page of a book that I was reading and I experienced a strong sense of urgency to share.
FYI: Native Americans use the term “medicine” for anything that brings personal power, strength and understanding.
With gratitude to Jamie Sams and her book Dancing the Dream (p. 93). for the following: “Frog teaches us to cleanse the old through clearing our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. Frog teaches us that shedding tears can be the first step of this cleansing transformation. The purification process represented by Frog Medicine is the ability to cleanse all that keeps us from healing and to refill ourselves with new energy, renewed purpose, and feelings and thoughts that support our intent to change. This two-step process of cleansing the old and refilling with the new will be present in every step that we take toward healing our lives.
Let’s consider the value of shedding cleansing tears. 
The other day a friend and I were sharing our concern for someone whose mother just died. We both wished she could just let go and have a good old cry. Then I remembered when I was afraid I would fall apart if I cried. During that time I thought I needed to be strong, to shore myself up in order to deal with the responsibilities of being a single mom in the business world. Sure, I cried at happy and sad movies, and tears welled up in my eyes when I heard touching stories, but when it came to just letting go and having a good old cry… I was afraid to let go.
A wake-up call occurred as my family and I watched my sweet mother’s unresolved energy remain blocked and metastasize as dis-ease. We all believe that she eventually paid the price with her life.
Crying is not the only way to release stagnant pent up energy and clear the space for healing energy to flood in.
Check out these ideas.
            Since we’re talking about frogs, how about imitating a frog and jumping around? Bet you can’t do it without giggling. We all know laughter is healing.
            Don’t want to imitate a frog? How about a long run or a short jog? Yesterday a man was telling me about being in the depths of distress after his divorce. What did he do? He put on his running shoes, popped his earphones in his ears, tuned in to Pavarotti and ran. In no time at all, the sound of Pavarotti’s voice opened his heart. First tears began to run down his cheeks. Those tears were soon followed by big gulping sobs. He doesn’t remember how long he ran, but he did say he felt like he was running back to himself.
Whatever does the trick!
Remember – Frog Medicine is healing medicine.
Here’s to frogs, good health, releasing that old pent up blocked energy and welcoming in the new. 
Ribbit, ribbit.
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