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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Monkey Mind Chatter

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately talking about the pesky monkey mind chatter that can plague us when we receive personal oracle messages. You know how it works. You have a gut feeling that tells you, “Hey, look! Did you notice what just happened? Don’t miss it. The universe is sending you a message.” That’s when the monkey mind jumps in with something like: “Oh come on now, that’s just a coincidence. Nothing more.”           
Or maybe you’ve experienced this one, ”Here you go again imagining things.” That’s our monkey mind working frantically to yank us back into the think-box of conventional reality. Mind chatter is designed to distract and dis-empower us. It blocks out our gut feeling/intuition, at the exact moment our intuition is in the process of doing its best to flag personal oracles for us.

And the struggle is on….

Oh, what to do, what to do?

Restrict that monkey chatter to the part of the brain where it belongs. 

Try this. In your mind’s eye see the image of your brain with both sides visible. Notice the line that divides analytic left-brain from creative/intuitive right-brain. 
As you watch the monkey mind chattering away in your left-brain, begin to move to the right. You have already engaged your right brain creativity, so to silence the chatter just continue to ease your consciousness further on into the right side of your brain. You can have great time practicing this. Then comes the intriguing part. Place your hand on your gut and re-engage your intuition. “Thanks for waiting – now what were you saying?”

Caution: do not engage in a dialogue with the chatter.

Mute the volume, shut the door, gag that monkey!

Or be creative and discover a method that works for you.

Sometimes when all else fails we just need to entrap that noisy monkey, instead of him trapping us. If this happens, remember the image of our monkey screaming behind those bright green bars and toss him a banana!
Today’s heads up personal oracle.
I thought I had completed this blog until I noticed something on the floor. It was a tiny stuffed toy monkey that our animals have been playing with this morning. The monkey is clutching a pink heart in both hands. I’m taking that as a sign there is hope for all of us when it comes to taming our monkey mind chatter!