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Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Frog in the Clouds

Last week we had one of those overcast days where the clouds are so locked up you can't tell where one ends and one begins. Definitely not a day for cloud-gazing or hoping to discover a personal oracle message in the sky.

But regardless, I still had to take a look.

So on the way to dinner I scanned the dense, grey sky and out popped (figuratively, not literally) the image of a perfectly defined bullfrog with bulbous eyes. This guy looked like he was poised to take a big leap.

The next day the cloud cover had disappeared. But that frog with the big bulbous eyes had returned. Or maybe it was his cousin.

I was intrigued when first frog managed to show himself in spite of the dense cloud cover. Sighting the second frog sent me scurrying off to check out the significance of frogs in Ted Andrews book Animal Speak.

It read: Initiate new starts! Well, no wonder he showed up again to make me look and reflect exactly what was happening in my life.

Everyday Oracles is set to release on July 11. My web guy just set up my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Book signings and radio interviews are scheduled. All big leaps!

If you’re making leaps in your life, watch for personal oracles to guide you. You never when and where they’ll show up, but when they do, they may offer just the guidance you’re seeking.

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