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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Love Notes From Beyond: John Lennon's "Woman"

Today we are revisiting Dianne and Eugene’s love connection that continues to navigate it’s way through the veils that separate the world of the living and the world of spirit.

The italicized paragraph was published in EVERYDAY ORACLES Decoding The Divine Messages that are all around us.

Dianne was driving along thinking about her late husband when she noticed their song; John Lennon’s “Woman” was playing on the radio. What a coincidence, she thought. She was remembering the way Eugene would sing the chorus to her and expand the word love, “I looove you, oh yeah, now and forever.” At that very moment she noticed the license plate on the car in the next lane. It read B L V N L V. It was no coincidence. She knew he was letting her know that he was close by.

As years passed the pain of his loss was not as severe. She was proud of herself for the way she was moving on and creating a good life without Eugene. Still she welcomed a warm sensation that she experienced on certain occasions that she interpreted as evidence of their remaining connection, though it was nothing she could put a handle on.

All of her adult life she’d made altars to honor her ancestors for the Day of the Dead holiday. When Eugene passed she added a candle for him that she placed near his picture and then took special care to include the specific foods that she knew he liked. This went on for 5 years until one year when she decided to switch all of her candles to the battery operated candles that were gaining in popularity.  As she placed 6 new candles from the same package on her mantel, under the picture that honored each ancestor, Eugene, she noted the maximum cell life of the battery was 3 weeks at 24/7 usage. November moved to December and she watched as one by one the light in the candles stopped burning. Each time a candle went dark she heaved a quiet sigh of relief when she discovered that Eugene’s candle was still alight. She was almost afraid to hope it was a sign from Eugene – she had no idea how he could do it. Her analytical mind chimed in to remind her that he had worked in Silicone Valley, and technology was his area of expertise …  Eugene’s candle continued long after the other candles went dark. His energy shined bright through all of the holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Finally 10 ½ weeks after it was turned on, Eugene’s candle finally went dark.

During this time Dianne became intrigued with the steadfastness of his presence and decided to see if Eugene would signal her in other ways as well. She bought a silver E and wore it on a chain around her neck. That’s when she started noticing the letter E showing up in the most unexpected places. There were trucks with a giant two-foot single E painted on them. Oh so many single clouds in the shape of an E. And one day the clouds were actually spelling out his name: a perfect capital E, a small case u followed by a less-than-perfect g, but the remaining letters, e-n-e were as perfect as the first two letters of his name. There was no mistaking what was going on this time.  How she wished she had a smart phone to photograph each event!

The last time Dianne contacted me she reported that the secret coded messages from Eugene continue. “They always seem to arrive when I need them the most. And if I want him to send me a sign I just ask.”

Thank you again Dianne for continuing to share your personal oracles.

The more we share our personal oracle experiences the more we realize that what some call supernatural is quite simply the natural design of the universe – and together we expand the boundaries of conventional reality.

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