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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cheers to Hearts: The Universal Symbol of Love

To end of this month’s tribute to love we celebrate with a grand finale of hearts to honor this universal symbol of love.
Thanks to all who shared your photos and what they symbolized to you.

From Lee
Prickly cactus heart -
Her message: Know when to protect your heart.

Also from Lee taken during a Divisedero hike -         
The message: Keep on keeping on.

From Kerri
Sidewalk oracle during a walk through the Waldo fire burn area -
The message: A reminder that there is still much love in our world, even in the place of such fear and destruction!  

From Kathy
The mysterious bookcase heart –

The message:
I sit on my bed daily and read my email. In front of me is a large bookcase filed with things I enjoy seeing, this is my time of reflection everyday.

I am aware ....I know I am responsible ......that there is a connection between my inner world and my outer world they ebb and flow in perfect harmony, and in times of stress they clang about in chaos.

In the clanging times I am unhappy I forget I have guidance, that I have been loved, am loved, will always be loved.

One day when I was particularly unloving towards myself, the world, the universe, and almost any living thing, I looked up and a beam of light was on the bookcase and projecting rays onto the shelf edge in a heart-shape.

I could not figure out the source, yes, a widow does exist to the left, it is curtained, and has blinds, and to this day I do not know how that beam of light projected to that particular place high on the shelf.

It has never appeared again. It lightened my mood and sent me out into the day, trusting in my heart someone is loving me, guiding me....even if the source is hidden.

And what better way to end our tribute than
this popular red heart.

I love the way this simple red wooden heart presses against the boundaries of what we think can happen.

Thanks to a woman who wants to be referred to as an anonymous fan from Ontario, Canada, we are treated to another amazing submission from my website.

Lets begin with her original message:

Hi Ann,
I caught your show on Coast to Coast while I was driving. So interesting!!! I kept my car running just to hear it!

I too had an experience of finding a heart, in the grass...

I remember seeing this sort of frozen red wooden heart once, stuck in the grass during late winter when I was going through a particular trying time. I got out of the car on a cold day, there it was. My eyes were drawn to it, a heart in the grass, a child’s puzzle piece, frozen there over the winter. And as the snow had started to melt it was uncovered.

I remember thinking very strongly the message to me was “you are loved”
...loved by God, universe, spirit, whatever it may be.

I took a photo of it, as I could not believe it. Then I pried it out of the ground and kept it.

I find this heart whenever I need it.


The other day I found it on a towel in my bedroom. I did not put it there. . . for sure!

It's clearly a "personal oracle" of love that shows up when I need to feel loved by God/spirit/the universe.

I've found it in the grass (on that damp, cold late winter day), 
….in my jewelry box (I go in it every day and it was never there before)
….in the back of my SUV
….on a towel
….on my coffee table downstairs  
and a couple of other places I can't recall right now.

I definitely had not put it any of those places and actually thought I lost it or might have thrown it out by mistake.

I also have a photo of my husband's deceased brother that turns up like that. 
Very strange.
It's the last Christmas photo with his son.
I find it everywhere at times.

Also when my mother passed away, I found a black and white photo of her hugging tightly my best friend who passed away when she was 12 and I was 11.
They were both smiling at the camera and in some type of outdoor green space.
I had NEVER come across that photo ever before.
Somehow I knew it was of them having a reunion...wherever they were in the next life! That photo was definitely a keeper!

Thanks to this fan in Ontario for sharing her thought provoking experiences.

Occurrences such as these may be more common than you would think. The first person who read this commented, “So I’m not the only one things like this happen to…”

Personal oracles not only come in every form imaginable, they operate outside the neatly defined margins we consider to be the norm.  

                                         #     #     #

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