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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Polka Dots and Blue Corn Feathers: Spontaneous vs. Requested Personal Oracles

One thing is certain: the universe is designed to respond to our needs.
You can check it out using this formula:

Need + Delivery System + Message = Personal Oracle

Let’s take a look at a couple of ways this support system works.

Spontaneous Personal Oracles vs. Requested Personal Oracles

Spontaneous personal oracles occur with no effort on our part because the universe is set on automatic pilot to immediately sense and respond to our pressing needs

Special requested personal oracles operate outside of the automatic pilot system. But rest assured: your requests do elicit a response. It’s just that decoding the response can be tricky and easy to miss. 

The following two stories illustrate how these two types of oracles work. In the first story, watch how the universe shifts into automatic pilot and spontaneously responds to Kathy’s very precise need without her specifically asking for help. (By the way, Kathy designs and makes shamanic dolls.)

Recently, I needed more black-and-white polka dotted bird feathers for a doll headdress. As soon as I needed them, they started showing up on the front porch of my house. This went on for about a week. Never before had this happened. Since the feathers can’t fall from a beam or anything, I’m not sure how they got there.

I also needed solid black feathers in the same length for another headdress. I did not specify my wants to the Universe. I was just grateful the polk- dotted feathers were appearing.

Yesterday, however, I came home and on my porch were new feathers. They were polka dotedt at the bottom and black at the top. I had a good chuckle at that one. Hope you do too!

Now, here’s a story, submitted via this website, about a specific oracle request.


I was telling my friend Tiffany to re-read Illusions by Richard Bach. I told her to ask the Universe to show her that her requests were being answered and to be specific, unlike the guy in Illusions who asks to find a blue feather. This fellow looks and looks on the ground but can't find one. Finally, it shows up, but instead of being on the ground, it’s pictured on the label of a can of corn called Blue Feather.

The moral of the story: Be specific in your requests, but also look for your personal oracles in unsuspecting places.

Decoding personal oracle messages is like being on a treasure hunt where we encounter fantastic surprises at every turn. Underlying it all is the comfort of knowing that the universe is tuned in and ready to support us – always.
If you’re curious and want to see what her shamanic dolls look like, Kathy Colletti and her dolls will be featured in an article in the February 2014 issue of Art Doll Quarterly magazine.

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In her bestselling and award-winning book, Everyday Oracles: Decoding the Divine Messages That Are All Around Us, author Ann Bolinger-McQuade uses memorable stories and photos to introduce the formula for how personal oracles work, then teaches you how to recognize and decode yours. If you have personal oracle experiences to share, please submit them to Ann through this website www.personaloracles.com. She will respond personally. And while you’re here, check out the cloud photos in the interactive “What Do You See Section.” Have fun and exercise your psychic muscles. Who knows, you may discover a personal oracle hiding in plain sight, just waiting to deliver a special message to you.