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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Guardian Angels, Ghosts and Bodhisattvas

[NOTE: Cloud images are from the Cloud-Speak Personal Oracle Card Deck, Card #4, Available 2014]

In my October 29th blog, “What’s In A Number?,” I shared Steven’s intriguing series of personal oracles that were delivered by the number 12.  You might remember that at the end of his email, he offered to share how he met his guardian angel.

 I expected his guardian angel to be an ethereal being that appeared to him in a dream or vision. Well, I was wrong!

Steven’s email:

Hi Ann,

I will tell you about he day I met my guardian angel.

I don't remember exactly what year it was but it was in the mid 1990s. That morning about 10:00, I was driving north on Highway 75 in Dallas approaching the Campbell Road exit in the right lane when I heard a noise under the truck.

I knew what it was. A universal joint had just busted and the drive shaft had fallen out from under the truck and was dragging on the highway.

A few days before that I had noticed that the universal joints seemed to have just a little too much play in them and I had purchased a set of new ones in anticipation of changing them soon.

My mind raced as I quickly assessed the situation. I was still moving and had control of the vehicle, so I knew it had to be the rear u-joint just ahead of the center bearing that had shattered. That was the good news.

Had the front u-joint failed, it would have dropped the front of the drive shaft and once that hit the pavement and hit a crack or hole at highway speed, it could have vaulted the rear end of the truck into the air! My own inertia would have been my worst enemy at that moment.

As it stood, I knew that because I was dragging the drive shaft, not pushing it, I could use inertia to my best advantage. I put the transmission in neutral to stop the drive shaft from spinning around and possibly doing more damage and kept my foot off of the brake.

I had brakes if I needed them, but I knew that once I stopped, I would be unable to move the vehicle again. Since the engine was still running, I also had steering and I was coming to an exit. I coasted on to the exit ramp, pulled to the right about halfway down the ramp and stopped on a wide spot on the shoulder.

At the time, I was doing freelance work installing phone systems, so I had all of that equipment in the back of my old yellow 1971 Chevy truck.

I got out and secured the drive shaft to the frame with an old piece of telephone wire that I had in the bed of the truck.

No sooner than I had finished doing that, a guy pulled up behind me in a clean white late model Chevrolet truck and asked if I could use some help.

Let me describe this guy.

I am 6' 2"and he was as tall as me. He had a full head of straight,t thick light blonde hair that was neatly cut and tapered to an average length above his collar.

He wore a spotless white collared long sleeved shirt, clean new blue jeans and brown boots or shoes that looked new.

His hands and nails appeared to be perfectly clean.

He appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties.

He was a very good-looking guy with handsome facial features.

His skin was perfectly white and flawless, no freckles moles wrinkles or blemishes of any kind.

Now, I have light blue eyes but this guy had the deepest and brightest blue eyes that I had ever seen.

He wasn't wearing any jewelry, rings or a watch that I could see.

I don't think he had a cell phone either, now that I think about it.

He said, "I'm on my way to a ski trip in Colorado. Could you use some help?" I told him I needed a push to someplace where I could get my truck fixed. He said there was a Texaco station on Arapaho Road about a mile east of where we were. He put his truck behind mine and pushed it to the station.

The station manager was aggravated because he couldn't get the phone company to come out and install a phone jack for his new lottery ticket machine. I offered to do it in exchange for replacing my u-joints. He was more than happy to do that and even offered to drive me back to my place to get the parts.

I stepped back outside. The guy with the white truck was still there. "Is there anything else I can do for you?" he asked.

"No," I said, "I think I'll be OK now."

"What's your name?” I asked.

"David," he replied.

"Do you have a business card, David?" I asked him.

"No, I don't," he said.

"Well, David," I said, "you're my guardian angel today."

At that moment, he kind of looked down like I'd caught him and I wasn't supposed to know, but he didn't say anything.

Then, I shook his hand, and gave him one of those manly one-armed handshake-hugs, you know, like guys will do and said "David, Thanks for all your help and God bless you, and I mean that. Who knows what might have happened had you not stopped and helped. You probably saved my life."

As he drove off, I noticed the license tag on his truck, and I wrote it down thinking it might be interesting to look it up sometime, but I never did. I have long since lost that piece of paper, but I will never forget the day I met David, my guardian angel.

Steven Reed

Steven describes his guardian angel, David, as a flesh and blood man. Yet, the description of his amazing blue eyes, no rings, watch or cell phone – combined with the sentence “he kind of looked down like I'd caught him and I wasn't supposed to know, but he didn't say anything,” leaves me wondering….

Is Steven suggesting David was a spiritual being that manifested momentarily into physical form?

What do you think?

Steven’s experience reminds me of the account in my book of Telley Ssvallas, aka “Kojak” who had a personal oracle delivered by a “ghost,”a man who died three years prior helped him when his car broke down in the early hours of a 1954 summer morning.

With so many mysteries in our world: guardian angels, ghosts and bodhisattvas that materialize into physical form and then returning to the world of spirit One thing is certain…

The universe is designed to respond to our needs and it operates using this formula.
            Need + delivery system + message = personal oracle

On this particular day, when Steven needed help his delivery system arrived in the form of David, his guardian angel.

Thanks again for sharing your numerology story and this thought provoking account of the day you met your guardian angel.  Please let me know when you have more personal oracle experiences to share.

All the best,

                                                                            #     #     #

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