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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Two Musicians + A Mysterious Boy + A Cemetery = A Personal Oracle

                                                                                  LUNAR ECLIPSE

Paranormal events are portals that offer a glimpse into another dimension of our everyday world. This time, thanks to Jerry, Stan, Jennifer and a Native American shaman we are treated to more than a glimpse.
The following was written by Jennifer Drake Schroeder and submitted to www.personaloracles.com.

Hello Ann,
I listened to a Coast to Coast AM podcast a few nights ago on which you were a guest. I have an interesting story for you.

I understand the mechanism of the Universe in keeping us on our path. Some of the stories you told were clear messages to those involved. The incident I am going to describe occurred during the summer of 2012 and was not obvious to the participants until a few days later.

My daughter's fiancée and his good friend are musicians who had played a show at a VFW club in rural northwest Arkansas. They were on State Highway 82 driving toward Little Rock and the time was around 2 AM. They were driving on a two-lane road with very little shoulder. My daughter's fiancée, Jerry, was in the passenger seat and the driver was his friend, Stan.

I should mention that neither person had been drinking nor do they use drugs or take medication of any kind.

While traveling at night, it is a common thing for deer to be in the road and this event took place during the summer of 2012, so they were taking their time and on the lookout for deer. Both sides of the road were lined with trees except for a few sparse areas where there were houses.

As they were driving along, Jerry spotted a figure standing on the edge of the road just ahead, to his right. There was a Baptist church on the right, just past, and a cemetery across the road on the left. As they got closer, Jerry could tell that the figure looked like a little boy, maybe 7 or 8 years old. He described the “boy” as wearing a short-sleeved white dress shirt and khaki colored shorts that looked like bloomers (they reminded Jerry of a school uniform). 

As they approached, Jerry noticed that the boy's feet were turned inward with the toes almost touching and that the boy was hunched over. They passed and Jerry turned around and watched as the boy began crossing the road. He described it as if the boy would take one step and then drag the other leg behind him. Immediately, Stan asked Jerry what he had seen and whether or not the boy might need help, as it would be unusual for a boy to be crossing the road at 2 AM, especially where there were no houses nearby.

Immediately, Stan turned the car around. They watched as the boy took the last step across the road and was now on the side of the road where the cemetery was located. As they passed slowly by him, the boy turned toward Jerry, and Jerry related to me that the boy's face and body looked contorted and that the boy had no pupils, just white eyes. Again, after they passed, they turned the car around and watched the boy enter the cemetery. Stan turned into the small parking area of the church and pointed the headlights toward the cemetery. The boy was gone. They got out and walked over to the cemetery and realized that the boy could not have entered as the cemetery had an iron fence around it and there was a padlock on the gate.

Since my family thinks that I am a purveyor of all things paranormal, I got the call and mulled over this event for several days, finally contacting a Native American shaman who is a friend of mine. He interpreted this event as the spirits catching the attention of Stan and Jerry by appearing to be grotesquely deformed (stating that if the child had looked normal they might not have turned around). The shaman believed that this short length of time that it took to turn the car around twice and watch the boy might have prevented them from being involved in an automobile accident or other event down the road.

I questioned Jerry and he did not remember any wreck on their way home. After thinking about it, he did remember that this event took place the night of the lunar eclipse and that a short distance down the road past the church, they had come upon many cars parked along the roadway and people and children crossing back and forth across the road while waiting for the eclipse to come into view.

When I related what the shaman had told me both Jerry and Stan felt like it made perfect sense. What had caused them some fear - and lots of trying to figure out what they had actually seen - turned out to be the Universe, prolonging their journey home if only for a minute or so.

Jennifer concluded by saying –
What was a scary, negative event turned into a positive thing.

Some paranormal events leave us wondering what’s up!
Not so this time. According to the Native American shaman, this was no random event. It was a personal oracle. The universe was protecting Jerry and Stan – or – maybe an adult or child who was crossing back and forth across the road.

I agree with Elbert Hubbard who said,  “The supernatural is the natural not yet understood.”

The more we share our personal oracle experiences; no matter how far they are outside the boundaries of conventional reality, the more we realize that paranormal events are simply another dimension of the universe.

Dear Jennifer Schroeder, Jerry and Stan,
Thank you again for sharing your amazing experience with all of us

#     #     #

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