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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cheating Death: A Biker's Personal Oracle

Before we begin, I'd like to invite you to join me for this week's blog tour about personal oracles. Each day you will learn more about identifying and decoding those mysterious messages that continuously guide and support you. Click here to for more info: http://wp.me/P2hyAn-ap. Hope to meet you along the way! 

Now, let’s look through the paradigm of personal oracles at a couple of ways the universe works to keep us safe.

In the previous blog, 2 Musicians + A Mysterious Boy + A Cemetery = A Personal Oracle,” Joyce shared a paranormal incident in which a couple of musicians were waylaid to keep them out of harm’s way.

This time a cross-country bicycler’s protection was delivered by something quite different.

Cheating Death

Ann, thank you for putting a label on the many experiences that have guided me in my life.... some near death experiences when either moving just a few feet or resisting moving just a few feet meant the difference between life and death. To this day I am shaken by the experiences and LUCKY to be alive.  I continue to have personal oracles on a much more minor scale that guide me personally and professionally... at least now I can give them a label.

In May of 1980, I flew to Seattle to start a cross-country bicycle trip.  I rode up through the San Juan Islands of WA, the Gulf Islands of BC and Vancouver Island.  While in the Gulf Islands, I actually heard Mt. St. Helens explode.  A week later I took the ferry from Vancouver Island to the Olympic peninsula and continued down the coast of WA.  If you remember, the week after Mt. St. Helens exploded, it erupted again only this time the ash fell to the west over most of the Olympic Peninsula.  Some other cyclists and I stopped by the state police for a couple days until the ash stopped falling.  When the weather was wet the ash was the disgusting sticky consistency of mucus. When the weather was dry, the ash was like riding through an inch or so of light powder or flour.  Any disturbance would throw up a cloud of ash. 

The morning my trip resumed, the weather was dry and cool enough that I wore a jacket.  Part way up a long up hill grade I became warm and decided to stop and remove my jacket.  Next to the paved traffic lane was the paved shoulder I was riding on and then a mowed area that had metal fence posts.  I leaned my bicycle against a fence post just inches from the paved shoulder.  I removed my jacket and stored it,  then noticed a large truck grinding up the grade kicking up a dense cloud of ash that blocked all visibility. 

As I watched the truck approach, “something told me” NOT to move my bicycle onto the shoulder to resume riding. (Under normal circumstances, 99.99999% of the time this would be safe to do.) 

“Something told me” to stay put off of the shoulder and wait for the truck to pass. 

As the truck approached within about 100 to 200 feet, remarkably and very illegally a driver had decided to pass the truck (on the left) on the paved shoulder. They both roared past me at high speed at the same time.  The car on the shoulder missed my bicycle by mere inches and had I been standing on the shoulder as I intended, I would have been killed instantly.  I was immediately enveloped in a dense cloud of ash and it took a few seconds for me to realize what had just transpired and that I was incredibly lucky to be alive.  The experience still haunts me today.

This is an absolutely true story... one that I would hardly believe myself if it had not happened to me.

Now I can say it was an "Everyday Oracle" that kept me from moving those couple feet... that is the best I can explain. Actually, this is the first time I have written these experiences down.  I will give them to my kids.

My thanks to you, our cross-country biker, for taking the time to share your amazing experience with us all. 
All the Best,

Most of us can remember a time when “something” nudged us in the right direction. Call it a gut feeling, an intuitive hit, or even a guardian angel. Whatever terminology we use one thing is clear. The universe is designed to respond to our needs. Once again, just for fun, here is the formula for how the universe operates.

Need + Delivery System + Message = Personal Oracle

#     #     #

In her bestselling book, Everyday Oracles: Decoding the Divine Messages That Are All Around Us, author Ann Bolinger-McQuade uses memorable stories and photos to introduce the formula for how personal oracles work, then teaches you how to recognize and decode yours. If you have personal oracle experiences to share, please submit them to Ann through this website. She will respond personally. And while you’re here, check out the cloud photos in the interactive “What Do You See Section.” Have fun and exercise your psychic muscles. Who knows, you may discover a personal oracle hiding in plain sight, just waiting to deliver a special message to you.