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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Delay in Moving Became a Life-Saving Personal Oracle

Invisible Moving Sidewalk?

All of the above!

INSIDE EDITION described little Yuri Milligan as a “lucky little toddler” and indeed he was.  Thanks to Konrad and Jennifer Lightner who were carrying their box springs to a U Haul when they noticed a little boy throwing toys out of a third story window, and then lean out of the window as if he we was trying to retrieve the toys. They called out to warn him to stay inside but the little boy continued to edge his way out of the window. Quick-thinking Conrad positioned the box springs under the window as Jennifer ran to call 911. Konrad explained to INSIDE EDITION, "I threw the mattress (under the window) and got ready for him. When he was about to fall I tried to cushion his fall into the box spring."

When little Yuri did fall it was into Konrad’s arms. 

At the end of the on air report when host Deborah Norville mentioned that the couple had been delayed for 30 minutes while they tried to get the mattress in the elevator I though, ahh … an Invisible Moving Sidewalk!

What is an Invisible Moving Sidewalk, you ask!

I coined the term to describe a series of synchronistic events that are designed to carry you to a specific destination. Think people movers in large airports. Except these sidewalks can be life-altering, and in this case possibly life-saving.

To decode how the universe sprung into action to protect little Yuri from what was about to happen let’s break the events down using the formula for how personal oracles operate.

Need + Delivery System + Message/Action = Personal Oracle

The NEED was Yuri’s three-year-old Yuri was unaware that his behavior was dangerous.

The DELIVERY SYSTEM was a couple trying to move box springs to a U-Haul.  Note that the elevator’s synchronistic delay that placed them precisely where they were needed.

The MESSAGE/ACTION was Little Yuri’s safe landing.

We all have experiences that make us feel as if they are orchestrated by hidden hands. The key is noticing them and then sharing them with others.

The more we share our personal oracle experiences the more we realize that what some call supernatural is quite simply the natural design of the universe, and together we expand the boundaries of conventional reality.

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