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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Personal Oracle Behind Heidi's Mysterious Bear

A big thank you to Adele Park for hosting me as a guest blogger last November. Take a moment and check out Adele Park’s Quirky Audio Book blog. Treasures abound!

One day I needed to pick up a couple of gifts from a shop on the plaza in Taos, New Mexico. Like so many historical plazas, this community gathering place is built on a square and features a large gazebo where bands perform, speakers speak and when the stage is empty, children run and play. The square is surrounded by shops on every side so parking is always at a premium.

I had circled the plaza once, but had no luck finding a parking space so decided to make one more complete trip around, and if no place opened up I would go to the post office and then come back and try again. I remember telling myself, if I’m supposed to find a parking place, one will open up…. And it did!

I purchased the gifts and walked back to my car amidst a sea of commotion. A man in a car had stopped mid-traffic and was chatting away with friend, and both seemed oblivious to the back-up of cars, even the car blasting its horn directly behind them. It looked like I was going nowhere anytime soon, so I loaded the packages in my car and then checked my phone for messages. After a while I started the engine and glanced in my rearview mirror. The only thing visible was the familiar shape of the spare tire that hangs on the back of my car and the big Taos Chili Line bus sitting patiently behind a car that I thought it was waiting for my parking space. I had a strong feeling someone, maybe a pedestrian, was behind my car so I took another look behind, then on either side of my car and when no one was in sight I began to edge out. I did hear a lot of urgent honking but thought it was coming from an impatient driver. Next thing I heard was a crunch.

My heart sank. The good news - the crunch was not a pedestrian. The bad news – I had just backed into a beat-up car that looked like it was struggling to hang on well beyond its expiration date. The car with a newly crumpled right fender pulled into the alley entrance that was next to my car. Before getting out, I riffled through the glove compartment for insurance papers. They were always there, but today they were nowhere to be found. Sheepishly, I leapt out of the car and rushed over to the driver, ready to shower the woman with apologies. I was greeted by the kind earnest face of Heidi Svoboda. It felt more like a meeting of kindred spirits than a confrontation, even before she told me she was an energy worker who specialized in dogs. Yes, she did know someone who could repair her fender and guessed they would charge around $150. I had a gut feeling that I was supposed to give her more than that amount so that she could have her car repaired and have money left over. I had just been to the bank and had $500.00 in cash.  The $500 is Heidi’s, my gut said.

I placed the cash in her hand.

“You’ll never know how much I need this,” she said. Then she pointed to the silver bear pin with the small turquoise stone that I was wearing at the neck of my shirt. Heidi described in striking detail the bear cloud she had seen a few days earlier in the sky above Taos. And that wasn’t all. She went on to tell me about a reading she had before she saw the bear cloud. A psychic told Heidi not to worry, that bear energy would take care of her! The pieces of an invisible moving sidewalk started to fall into place.

It’s interesting to note that I rarely wear that bear pin – yet that morning something drew me to it. Without giving it any special thought, I pinned it on. That was my first step onto this invisible moving sidewalk. The synchronicities continued to add up. I had just been to the bank and had cash in hand for Heidi. After circling the square a second time, a particular parking space opened that put my car at the right place at the right time.

Don’t get me wrong. I take full responsibility for backing into Heidi’s car. But when we look through the paradigm of personal oracles we can see that my bear pin and I were playing a part in Heidi’s invisible moving sidewalk. Heidi needed a helping hand and I became the delivery system for the Universe.

Isn’t it comforting to know that the Universe has our back – always?
Need + Delivery System + Message = Personal Oracle

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