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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Personal Oracle for the Year of the Horse

Copyright courtesy of Viktoria Makarova

The frantic barks were too much to ignore. I closed my laptop and walked out to the deck expecting to see a horse and rider trotting along the arroyo behind the house.  What I saw instead was a woman strolling along in a long white skirt with boots on her feet. A rope in her hand was looped around the neck of a majestic white horse with no saddle. The rope that connected the woman and the horse was slack, as if they were out for a leisurely walk together. I watched in amazement. Everything in me wanted to call out to her, but I knew better. She glanced over, we waved and it felt like a blessing.

The significance of the event began to expand when I shared the story with a friend. I told her that since it occurred January 1, I felt like it was a New Year’s Day gift from the universe. That’s when she mentioned that 2014 is the Year of the Horse.

It reminded me of a reading I had the year before Tarcher/Penguin purchased my manuscript. The reader looked at the cards spread out before us and said that she’d never seen so many horses in one reading, explaining that to her horse represented Spirit. She went on to say that I had been working diligently for decades like a camel carrying the load on my own. She said from that point on Spirit would carry my first book out into the world. The reader was right. All of the right people have been drawn to EVERYDAY ORACLES. Each sharing their expertise, all serving as spirit horses if you will. I am grateful for the visible and invisible ways Spirit continues to move the message of personal oracles through the amazing web of interconnections that link and support us all.

The woman and the horse walking together were a New Year’s Day personal oracle: a sign to me that Spirit will be there to carry my new projects, Cloud-Speak Personal Oracle Book and Cards and Personal Oracle Cafes, out into the world in 2014.

I was putting the finishing touches on this blog when an owl called. Intrigued, I followed the sound and discovered a brown owl sitting perfectly still, camouflaged within the branches of a Palo Verde tree. Something kept drawing me back to the window; I thought it was to catch owl moving. The last time I looked something made me step outside. As I closed the door behind me I heard horses hooves approaching from the distance and caught a glimpse of two horses and riders. They moved closer and I recognized one as the woman and her magnificent white horse. This time she was fully engaged in the act of riding. She was adorned in riding gear, complete with helmet, as was the person on the chestnut horse riding the well-worn path with her.
I invite you to become fully engaged and join me in 2014 to manifest your intention supported by spirit horse energy.
  • What are your goals and dreams?

  • Are you willing to do the hard work required to bring them to fruition?

  • How about harnessing the energy of this year of the horse to help you make your dreams come true?

The Chinese year of the horse is a time for all people to go forward confidently in the direction of their goals and dreams.

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