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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Thumbs Up Personal Oracle

A special thank you to Linda Leon for first posting this blog on her website Book Marketing Professionals.

When your project gets stuck or you feel uneasy that your message is moving in the wrong direction, here’s a tip. Tune in to personal oracles to discover the validation and guidance you need.
This is how it works. The universe is designed to respond to our needs. Watch for synchronicities, signs, and symbols that are perfectly tailored to your particular situation.
One day the material I had been researching and developing began to deepen and change dramatically. I began to question: Am I moving in the right direction and staying true to the spirit of the work? As I started to second-guess myself, I felt a nudge to take a break, so I made myself a cup tea and walked outside. That’s when I spotted this amazing image in a cloud. There was no doubt about it. The universe was giving me a big thumbs up.
I set my tea down and ran inside to get my camera. After photographing the thumbs up cloud image and settling back at my desk, I felt confident that I was on the right path. It was a clear sign. The universe was supporting me all the way.

Your personal oracle may not resonate through a cloud image, but it will speak directly to you and what is going on at the time. You might hear a song on the radio with lyrics that sing out your answer loud and clear. Or a cledon – specific words floating out from a nearby conversation – that seem to be speaking directly to you. Printed words can jumps off the page at you, like the Nike ad that encourages you to break out of the procrastination mode and “Just Do It!”

This synchronicity excerpted from my book is a writer’s dream come true.

Jackie was writing a scene for her novel when she hit a missing fact. She needed to know the name of a particular famous Brazilian soccer player. She thought it was Ronaldo, but for some reason she thought there was more than one Ronaldo. She opted to keep writing and Google later. After an hour, she headed to the kitchen to refill her coffee cup. The Wall Street Journal lay on the counter near the coffeemaker. Not quite ready to sit down again, she started paging through it. Her eye landed on the headline “Know Your Ronaldos.” She couldn’t believe it. The short article consisted of photographs and brief bios of three soccer players: Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese native who played soccer in England; Ronaldo, the Brazilian striker considered “the best Goal-scorer on the planet”; and Ronaldinho, the Brazilian midfielder. It was precisely the information she needed.

Some people might call this chance happening a coincidence, one of those remarkable sequences of events that seem to have no relation to each other. Yet when we look through the paradigm of personal oracles, we notice interconnected threads of energy in action. It results in serendipity. Author and mythologist Joseph Campbell defined serendipity as “a thousand unseen helping hands,” bringing to fruition what is meant to be but is totally unexpected.

Writing begins with inspiration. Unless that spark of inspiration is coupled with the sticktuitiveness that carries our work to the finish line, our best intentions lay dormant in a mass of incomplete files in our computer or scattered around the room. So don’t get stuck. Let the spirit of the universe lend a helping hand.
                                                                                    # # #
In her award-winning and bestselling book EVERYDAY ORACLES Decoding The Divine Messages That Are All Around Us, author Ann Bolinger-McQuade uses memorable stories and photos to introduce the formula for how personal oracles work, and then teaches you how to recognize and decode yours.
If you have experiences to share please submit them to Ann through this interactive website. Ann will respond personally to all submissions. And while you're here, check out the cloud photos in the "What Do You See Section." Have fun and exercise your psychic muscles. Who knows you may just discover a personal oracle that is hiding in plain sight, just waiting to deliver a special message to you.